12 Day Grizzly, Caribou, Wolf, And Wolverine Hunt | Kotzebue, AK

12 Day Grizzly, Caribou, Wolf, And Wolverine Hunt | Kotzebue, AK
12 Day Grizzly, Caribou, Wolf, And Wolverine Hunt | Kotzebue, AK
12 Day Grizzly, Caribou, Wolf, And Wolverine Hunt | Kotzebue, AK
12 Day Grizzly, Caribou, Wolf, And Wolverine Hunt | Kotzebue, AK
12 Day Grizzly, Caribou, Wolf, And Wolverine Hunt | Kotzebue, AK
Hunt Duration: 12 Days
Maximum Number of Hunters: 4
Typical Hunting Season: Aug 21,2021 - Sep 21,2021
Hunting Method: Bowhunting, Fairchase, Meathunt, Riflehunting
Guided or Semi-Guided: Guided
Success Rate: 30%
Land Type: Private
Language Spoken by Staff: English, Spanish, Passable German
Accommodation Included: Yes

Since 1984 our guest hunters have received 65 awards for first, second or third place trophies in the annual (APHA) Alaska Professional Hunters Association/Safari Club International Big Three statewide competition. This is the highest number of awards per number of guests of all guiding outfits in Alaska. We’ve taken top 3 ranked Grizzly, Black Bear, Dall Ram,Caribou, Moose, Wolf and Sitka Blacktail Deer. 32 of these outstanding animals were caribou, 7 were for Grizzlies and 4 were for wolves. The lodge is located in an ideal hunting area. Most animals are taken within one mile or less from the lodge.

We have been conducting guided hunts from the same location since 1972. Based in a comfortable 2-story lodge with solar power and sauna we have vacancies for Aug.18-29, Aug. 29-Sept.09, and Sept. 9-21, 2021 and 2022). We could modify those dates. Grizzly, Caribou and Wolf are all open for the entire time of each booking and no drawing permits are required. (Wolverine opens Sept.1) We prefer 2 or 3 guests per booking.

Jake is licensed by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game to resell tags for Caribou, Wolverine, and Wolves. Jake will provide your tag at cost, there is no markup involved!

Pricing and Policies

Trophy Fee Included: Yes

Included In Price:

Not included In Price:

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Terrain Details

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Hunting Area Size: 999


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